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Thurston County Commissioners out of touch

Thurston County, WA—There is a long and growing list of bad policy decisions the Thurston County Commissioners are making these days. I made a video blog with Glen Morgan where we highlighted the top ten worst policy choices, and you can view it here.

In these tough economic times, government should be working to prioritize government and getting their financial house in order—just as everyone employed outside of government is having to do.


OR legislators need cash, allow more logging

Environmental regulation has a cost. Spotted Owl protection, and the resulting timber harvest reductions in the 90’s, meant less money for schools. Oregon and Washington suffered the same fate.


Florida repeals smart growth law

Wendell Cox reports [read entire article here],

The state of Florida has repealed its 30-year old growth management law (also called "smart growth," "compact development" and "livability").


Sequim dumps ICLEI

The new generation of socialists are camouflaged as your friendly environmentalists and they have a new mantra that is taking over government called “sustainability”.

I’m not as much of a conspiracy theorist as I am a believer in bandwagons, and the new, shiny, left-leaning bandwagon is called the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives or ICLEI. ICLEI contains the tools that local governments use to hypnotize citizens into willingly giving up their every last right to use and enjoy their own property.