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Thurston County regulations snare business owner

Linda Reichel realized her life-long dream of owning a restaurant when she opened The Ranch Cafe 2 months ago. She needs to sell food—as well as coffee—so she can make enough money to keep her doors open.

Thurston County has been on the lookout for what they call “menu creep”—that’s when business owners like Linda increase their menu without Thurston County’s permission.

Now, Thurston County will not work with Linda and let her add menu items. She has already been forced to layoff her only employee and faces the real possibility of losing her business.

Linda Reichel Ranch Café owner


Commissioners top 10 worst policy choices

The top 10 worst policy choices by Sandra Romero, Cathy Wolfe and Karen Valenzuela in their roles as Thurston County Commissioners. Thurston county is asking for public input on the top 7 wonders of Thurston County—we thought it would be good to announce out top 10 bad policy choices list.

Sandra Romero, Cathy Wolfe, Karen Valenzuela–bad policy choices

Thurston County Commissioners out of touch

Thurston County, WA—There is a long and growing list of bad policy decisions the Thurston County Commissioners are making these days. I made a video blog with Glen Morgan where we highlighted the top ten worst policy choices, and you can view it here.

In these tough economic times, government should be working to prioritize government and getting their financial house in order—just as everyone employed outside of government is having to do.


Thurston County Commissioners backpedal

Not too long ago, the Thurston County Commissioners were on a mission to save the Mazama Pocket Gopher—a species that the Federal Government had been trying to exterminate for over 50 years, and now the State says is threatened.

Citizens from around Thurston County—now educated by S.T.O.P Thurston County town halls—have been pouring out to Commissioner meetings asking them to remove the regulations. The Commissioners have dug in their heels and have propped themselves up by a small contingent of environmental radicals called GO (Government Only), and puffed-up science.


Sandra Romero, Cathy Wolfe, Karen Valenzuela: want to impose a FEE for public participation

Cathy Wolfe, Sandra Romero, and Karen Valenzuela are proposing a FEE for public participation at hearings. Our research exposes that if this proposal passes, then the Commissioners—at their own discretion may impose a fee for ideas that the public may bring forward.

This is a bad idea because it discourages public participation and enables the Commissioners to decide who gets charged a fee. Presumably, if you agree with the Commissioners, then your participation will be free.